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For over ten years now Curtis and I have been working on our families histories together and for about five years we have had this website.  Some time ago we switched from the free website to upgraded service.  Anyone who is a regular visitor would have noticed that the pop-up ads stopped popping up!!  Of course, visitor convenience was one reason why we upgraded.  We realize how annoying it is when you want to look at something and an ad for 'whatever' comes popping out at you. 


Another thing that came along with the upgraded service was being able to see where our visitors were located.  It was amazing!!  We found out that people from all over the world are visiting our website!  I could be all day typing in locations where our visitors are from; I guess the only area of the world I didn’t see was Antarctica.  I was floored!  


PLEASE, PLEASE, SIGN THE GUEST BOOK!  I know that more people (from many countries) are visiting than are signing the guest book. We would love to know who all of our visitors are!


We will keep trying to add more information on the families and to add stories and photos as we make new discoveries. 


We never seem to be able to spend as much time researching as we would like and even less time working on this website.  Not only have we not had much time to research, but also when we do, we seem to be at an impasse on some of the family lines.  We have hit brick walls that we are having trouble breaking through.  “Can’t” is not in our vocabulary when it comes to genealogy, however, it will just take time and patience.  Life is still as busy as ever and soon we will be grandparents, but we still find time to dig into the past and we will continue chipping away at those brick walls.



Please have a look through the site.  We will be updating as we get more information and when we can find the time to do the work.  In time we will be adding more pages with stories, pictures and historical information pages.




This is a work in progress.  While we believe we have  researched the majority of the family lines on this website as thoroughly as possible we are certainly not making claims of being the "absolute authority".  We are always very open to any additional information that anyone would like to provide.  Please contact us if you have family facts that we have not discovered, questions or comments. Anyone who contributes to our research and/or to this website will receive full credit and thanks for their contributions!



The families listed under “Curtis’ Ancestors” and “Sissy’s Ancestors” are those of our direct lines only. As time permits we are hoping to add extended families.   If anyone would like to have a collateral family line on the site, send us the information and we will be happy to post it.  We will also be happy to help you with research if you need it.  Along with basic family lineage, stories and photos are great.  Anyone who contributes will get full credit, of course. 

We have quite a few census images saved regarding the various families.  If there is someone you are looking for let us know and if we have it or if we can get it we will email the image to you.



While reading the genealogy reports you will notice that they do not go to present day, many of them ‘cut off’ with ancestors who were living in the first three decades of the 1900’s.  We are trying to follow the “census” rule of privacy for this.  Basically if a living person is old enough to have their name listed on the currently released census (at this point it is the 1940 census ) then their name can be published on sites like, etc.  If not they are listed as “living” to protect their privacy.  To protect the privacy of our relations we are trying to follow the same guideline on this website.  IF you should happen to see your name or any information about you in any of the genealogy reports on this website please contact us and we will promptly remove it.








We are always happy to make contact with other researchers.  Often we discover that we are related.  From these contacts we have shared our information and we have also received data, stories and pictures. These contacts have confirmed a lot of our work AND they have also helped us figure out when and where we were barking up the wrong tree and helped us get back on the right track.  By signing our guest book we can see who is coming to our site and what families are being looked at.  We can make contact with you and share information or just get to know each other.  So please do sign the guest book!


If you have an information to add, questions to ask or comments, please email.  Click on the "contact us" tab above.