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Sissy and Curtis




       This is a genealogy website so it can be safe to say that we spend a fair amount of time engaged in the pursuit of family origins. When we are not looking for our ancestors we tend to be talking about them. What makes us a perfect couple (one of the many things!) is that we have both been passionate about finding out where the various branches of our family came from, when, why and how. We want more than just the facts. We keep searching and digging trying to find our ancestors stories – we want to know what made them tick!

      We also believe it is important to preserve this information to pass it on to the future generations. We really want our children and grandchildren to know who their ancestors were, not just a few names and dates but to know as much about them as they can possibly know without having ever met their ancestors.

      We do genealogy because we enjoy it and have curiosity about the past and love a good mystery. We do it because sometimes someone will say that it is impossible to find the information on a specific family line. The biggest reason we do genealogy though, is for our kids and theirs and so on because knowing ones family origins is important.

   So...every time we have a spare moment we are going to be researching and reading and tracking those folks down. As time permits we will be updating this website as well.