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We have been hard at work since the beginning of the year, specifically on the Pigman, Avery and Bennett lines. The Avery and Bennett lines have made pretty good headway, but we are still trying to work out a few kinks and prove a few points before publishing any definitive statements. Stay tuned though folks, big breakthroughs are anticipated on both fronts!


We have had a fair response to the Pigman Y-DNA project. While we have not been able to post all of the information on the website yet, we have had a few (not nearly enough!) participants and the results are intriguing. We really need more male Pigman's to participate in the DNA project to be able to definitively sort out the origins of the family. Please  click  Pigman DNA Project to read more about it and to be directed to the sub-website with all the information.


We have updated information on both the Hay(s) line on Curtis’ side of the family and the Fahy line on Sissy’s side.


We were able to find a definitive birthplace for both John Hay and Thomas Fahy AND parents for John Hay.  We were even lucky enough to find a site in Scotland where we could buy the records regarding John Hay and some of his ancestors.  These records are on the site; look for the link to them on the Hay(s) page.


Unfortunately we do not have the records regarding Thomas Fahy.  They ARE available online from Ireland, but considerably more expensive than records from Scotland.  From what we were able to access for free however we are confident that we do have the correct information.