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Who are the Pigman's and the Avery's and their allied families?

Curtis' families are the Pigman's and their allied families, from Eastern Kentucky. These families include: Jones, Hays, Wooton, Perkins, Begley and many others. The families came primarily from Scotland, Wales, England, Ireland and France -- one family, the Pigman’s, is a complete mystery, although many believe the Pigman’s came from England, there is not a lot of strong and hard evidence to back it up.  Curtis will soon be submitting an analysis of the Pigman ancestry—look for a link to this on the Pigman page.  Most of the other families came from their homelands in the 16 and 1700's to Maryland and Virginia although some migrated to the south from New England. By the early to mid 1800's a great many of Curtis ancestors had settled in Clay, Leslie, Knott, Perry and other of the surrounding counties of Eastern Kentucky.

Sissy's families are the Avery's and their allied families, from the Hudson River Valley area of NY, primarily Ulster County. These families include: Bennett, Fahy, Sherman, Addis, Bunting and many others. These families came from Ireland, Holland, England, France and Germany.  Some originally settled in Massachusetts and Connecticut, but by the mid to late 1600's many of them had settled in Ulster County, NY where they remained for many generations. (The only exception was one latecomer, Thomas Fahy who came from Ireland in the mid 1800’s.)  In fact a lot of the descendants of these families still live in Ulster County.  Sissy’s mother, sister and four out of six brothers are living in Ulster County.

Fahy Family Crest

Hay Family Crest